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"Bob's Journal" is a Personal Exploration Web Site

Photographic Journal

Balloon Rally Picture for Photo Journal Intro Photography has been my "artistic" outlet since carrying a Kodak Brownie box camera with roll film when I was 8.  Today, with the continuous innovation in both digital cameras and photo editing software, photography as artistic expression has matured.  Please explore my collections of Landscapes, Nature, Underwater, Architecture, and Portraits; genres I find particularly fascinating.

Love of Wines

Picture of Wine Bottle and Glass Wines, wine tasting and cellaring wines has been a passion of my wife's and mine for 15 years.  We're not wine snobs, just folks who like to savor wines who's full bodied taste lingers.  We recently relocated to Oregon's Willamette Valley, home of hundreds of boutique wineries, many of which feature superb Pinot Noirs and Pinot Gris.  Please join us.....


Happy Diver photo and link to Passion for Diving section. I've had a passion for diving since 1963.  We had the opportunity to move to Maui, Hawaii in 2000.  For the next eight years we enjoyed endless opportunities to dive and photograph marine critters large and small. If diving and underwater photography are interests of yours, visit Photo Journal - Diving Adventures and Passion for Diving..... 

Please share your thoughts and ideas

This a new effort for me, so please share any thoughts, opinions, remarks, questions you may have - either on my blog (public) or by email (private).


Picture of a weight room and link to Fitness sectionI never was an athlete, but at 30, after celebrating too much on New Year's Eve, I decided New Year's Day I needed to make some changes.  I was 5'11" and 200 lbs, some muscle but too much fat and high cholesterol.  New Year's Day, 1978, I changed what I ate and started exercising daily...I brought the weight and cholesterol down.

Web site Design

My first career, CFO/Financial VP, ended eight years ago.  After eight years on Maui, a fantasy life. It was time to return to reality and do something that exercises my creative side.  I decided to combine my passion for photograhy with a growing interest in web design.  I am completing a degree in web design and development.  If you are looking for someone to create a web site for you or your business, check this out...

Bob's Blog

My wife has been after me for years to keep a journal, saying it's good for me.  The concept of blogging daily, or as near to daily as I can ever get, is likely the closest to journaling as I will ever get.  I have no idea what's going to end up on that blog, so, with that modest introduction, read at your own risk.